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Digital Supplier Portal



The Vendor Manager with its Supplier Portal creates transparency of all relevant data and documents along your complete global Supply-Chain.

Smart workflows simplify and optimize workflows, information exchange and communication processes within the company and with your suppliers throughout the entire life cycle of your supplier relationships.


"For us, as the procurement managers responsible for operations, the supplier portal is a tool that means immediate relief in our daily business. Thanks to the integrated workflows and automatisms, errors are avoided on both sides, by the suppliers and by us in Procurement."

Anna Houben
Group Procurement, Project Manager Procurement, rhenag Rheinische Energie AG

Digital Supplier Relationship Management for your global Supply-Chain:

The Supplier-Portal provides you with a direct, global information and communication platform with your suppliers, which you can use to optimize the entire life cycle of the Supplier Relationship:

From onboarding to qualification, classification to supplier collaboration, supplier evaluation and risk management to supplier development. 

The use of a Supplier Portal has the potential to significantly simplify and improve communication, information and data exchange between purchasing and suppliers. Operations will not only be faster, more direct and less complicated. Processes that previously required a lot of telephone calls, e-mails and manual filing procedures can now be optimized by intelligently controlled methods with automatic deviation reports, workflow-controlled information and document exchange, automated data processing and continuous reporting.

Let us present our solutions in a live Online-Meeting or simply test them yourself in our demo version.


  • The Supply-Monitor is a central information base for the procurement
  • the well-founded database for the purchasers serves as central navigation instrument for your professional Supplier Relationship Management
  • 100% freely configurable content structure guarantees the operative implementation of your procurement strategy
  • Instant facilitation of operational and administrative tasks in the procurement; therefore more time to concentrate on strategic tasks
  • Instant replacement of extensive and complex Excel landscapes by a central database with web based input forms.