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Process optimization in supplier management through integrated digital signature

Burghausen, 09.04.2024 / Simmeth System is setting new standards in Supplier Management efficiency and security with another module in its SCM-Software SC-Manager, the integrated digital signature.

SC-Manager now enables its users to sign documents quickly and easily with just a few clicks. This function not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also guarantees the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of all signed documents.

Easy handling and increased efficiency
The digital signature is started with just one click in the application. Users can easily select the document to be signed and the participants in the signature process. This flexibility not only simplifies collaboration within the company, but also with external suppliers. By using the digital signature service "Sign Request", which uses the certified security of the Entrust Certification Authority, every signature is legally valid and verifiable.

Focus on security and compliance
The connection between "Sign Request" and SC-Manager ensures that all documents are automatically and error-free saved in the corresponding system folder after the digital signature. In addition, each process participant receives an automatic notification, which makes the signature process transparent and traceable. A digital certificate, which is part of the signature, clearly proves that the signature originates from the specified sender.

Optimization of processes along the entire supply chain
The advantages of the integrated digital signature in SC-Manager are manifold: it increases general accessibility and user-friendliness, increases efficiency by saving time, ensures the highest security standards, enables seamless automation and documentation of processes and makes a decisive contribution to legal bindingness and compliance.

The implementation of this digital signature function marks an important milestone for companies that want to be one step ahead in the digital transformation of their supply chains. With this innovation, Simmeth System's SC-Manager is positioning itself as an essential tool for agile companies that value efficiency, security and compliance in the digital age.