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Simmeth System presents the new Workflow-Wizard

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The SC-Manager offers a new feature to improve the process management of your supply chain

Simmeth System, a pioneer in business process management, proudly introduces the latest feature for SC-Manager: the Workflow Wizard. This innovative tool revolutionises the way companies manage and optimise their processes.

Easy navigation for fast processing

SC-Manager's Workflow Wizard allows users to complete their tasks step-by-step in a predefined workflow without having to worry about navigation and correct sequencing. The intuitive user interface visualises each individual step and guides users to the next task with a simple "Next" button. This ensures that all work processes are carried out correctly and efficiently.

Optimisation of processes and tasks for employees and suppliers

The Workflow Wizard is one of the latest functions in SC-Manager, a process-orientated software. Key users can create customised workflows for various work processes and distribute them to users within the company and to business partners. For example, purchasers can provide their suppliers with a clear workflow for self-disclosure in the onboarding process.

Digital change in process management

The Workflow Wizard is a ground-breaking tool for the business process management of tomorrow. It simplifies the processing of tasks, reduces errors and increases productivity. De