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Innovative partnership with Creditsafe for global credit information

Simmeth System GmbH and Creditsafe, the world's leading credit reference agency, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership and the integration of a powerful interface to the SCM software SC-Manager.

This integration expands the functional scope of the SC Manager, particularly in the area of risk management, by providing access to Creditsafe's extensive database for credit reports, compliance checks and B2B marketing addresses.

Simmeth System's SC-Manager offers companies a comprehensive 360-degree view of their suppliers and covers the entire supplier lifecycle. With the new interface to Creditsafe, this view is supplemented by a significant expansion in the area of risk management. Users can now call up the creditworthiness of their suppliers directly in their SC-Manager supplier file and receive automatic status and warning messages. Financial information and assessments with other risk indicators and compliance values are also linked to form a comprehensive overall score.

"By integrating Creditsafe data into our SC-Manager, we strengthen our customers' ability to minimise financial risks and manage their compliance requirements more efficiently," says Markus Simmeth, Managing Director of Simmeth System GmbH. "This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and to providing solutions that support organisations in an increasingly complex market environment."

Creditsafe is the most widely used credit agency in the world and offers digital solutions such as credit reports, B2B marketing addresses and compliance checks. The company provides information from more than 200 countries and territories, helping companies to position themselves in compliance with international law, minimise their financial risk and secure business relationships. In total, the database contains over 430 million reports. Creditsafe is represented in 25 offices across 3 continents and employs over 1,500 people. The company has been operating in Germany since 2010 and brings together around 100 experts at its headquarters in Berlin.

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