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Optimized communication processes: production disturbance management at MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland

  • Success Story

How to create transparency in the value chain through targeted, workflow-driven communication and information is shown by the project "Production disturbance management"

MAN Energy Solutions Schweiz AG ("MES") and their employees at the Zurich site produce turbocompressors for the steel, oil and gas industries.

Each of these compressors is a complex project with dozens of milestones, hundreds of components, thousands of steps, and the materials you need. In order to meet the highest quality requirements and strict deadline requirements, every single production component must be perfectly integrated into the overall project. Even the smallest schedule deviation of a single work step can jeopardize the overall schedule of a project. Countermeasures therefore have to be immediate, targeted and in coordination with the other departments.

The "disturbance management" successfully introduced in 2014 by MES together with the software company Simmeth System starts exactly at this point. The aim of the project was the optimization of the communication processes at value added level with simultaneous, automatic information of the strategic levels.

How does such a process work in practice? Quite simply: If the employee of a department determines that a scheduled appointment can not be held, for example, because a material does not arrive in time, he / she enters a move request with a new appointment request via an input mask of the wayRTS planning tool. In the central database, a so-called "disturbance variable" is automatically created and immediately sent an email to the responsible for this project planner with the corresponding information. He approves the new appointment or rejects it with a mouse click. The responsible departments are immediately informed automatically by an email of the database and can react without delay. Causes of the disorder and justifications for the respective decisions are documented. This documentation is the prerequisite for a continuous improvement process, as all communication steps are recorded in the database and automatically processed in reports. They serve as the basis for regular meetings from the shop floor level through the weekly divisional ladder round to the report to the executive board.

The project was implemented with the "SC-Communicator", a module of the software solution "SC-Manager" by Simmeth System. The "SC-Manager" is a central database solution for controlling the supply chain, which is integrated into the existing IT landscape and permanently exchanges the data with the ERP systems, production control and planning.

"In the meantime, more than 250 employees are accessing the disturbance management as a central communication tool for adding value," says Michael Budimir, Head of Planning at MES. "The detailed planning and approval process of value creation has been optimized and an information tool has been created for all hierarchy levels, from the planner to the management."

Not least due to the 100% automated reporting, which allows reports & KPIs in any aggregation levels at the touch of a button, this project could ensure in a very short time not only a return on investment, but also a sustainable process improvement over the years. Thanks to automatically generated reports and directly available data, divisional leadership meetings now take place at a much higher frequency than before.

Dr. Christian Lazar, CFO of MAN Energy Solutions Schweiz AG, summarizes that "using the tools introduced, process issues can be measured transparently. Any problems can be measured in real time. On the basis of evaluated facts, process improvements are targeted and implemented immediately.

Dr. Christian Lazar, CFO MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG
Michael Budimir, Head of Planning MAN Diesel & Turbo Zürich
Sandro deNardo, commercial project manager MAN Diesel & Turbo, Zürich