Supplier Portal

The use of a supplier portal has great potential for significant simplifications in communication, of information and of data exchanges between customer and supplier. Processes not only become faster, but more direct and less complicated. Processes, which so far might cause a succession of telephone calls, emails and manual searches in folders now can be operated and steered by functions such as automated email messages and reminders, by web based entry forms, questionnaires, upload or download of documents and more.

Even the very beginning of a supplier relationship can be made much easier if channeled in a regulated workflow by a data based supplier registration system via a web based form linked in your homepage. Those responsible in your procurement department are notified automatically about new registrations by any interested potential supplier. They immediately can look into their cockpit and analyze the information given by that potential supplier.

Notifications to the potential supplier, whether rejection or an acceptance and including additional information such as login data to the supplier portal itself, are channeled accurately through a workflow as well as being documented in the database.

The information and the documents necessary for the following prequalification process of the potential suppliers can be collected and exchanged via login to the supplier portal using the forms and questionnaires as well as the upload and download functionalities. Purchase Managers automatically have an overview of the status of the process and are able to assess and evaluate the information given via forms and the uploaded documents. Workflows that are necessary, for example, for approval processes of tenders or the qualification to the company’s supplier pool are channeled by logical workflows and simplified for easy understanding by all parties involved.

The supplier portal offers these advantages all along the complete life cycle of the supplier relationship. One example of the systems’ functionality would be the use of lookalike traffic lights and/or emails for warning about certificates running out and suggesting immediate renewal of these documents by the supplier himself via the upload function. Another example is the usage of questionnaires for assessments, which can be answered by the supplier and the purchasing department simultaneously. Results of supplier evaluations can be placed directly at the supplier’s disposal in the supplier’s cockpit and channeled into an improvement process via integrated task management. These tasks can be handled simultaneously by the supplier and the purchase manager.

The automatic, detailed history of your supplier relationship stored by the database creates transparency not only for all involved departments of your enterprise but for the suppliers as well. It is the decision of the senior management as to which department gets what information and in what detail. The automation of these information pathways adds further Return on Investment to your projects “supplier portal”.

Benefit of a software based supplier portal for your immediate return on investment:

  • Web based registration process with channeled workflow for prequalification
  • Channeled and automated communication processes inclusive of auto-mail functionalities
  • Channeled and automated document exchanges via upload and download functionalities
  • Integrated forms enabling collaboration on forms and questionnaires (e.g. assessments)
  • Integrated task management
  • Web based cockpits for new or existing suppliers
  • Web based cockpits create transparency in your procurement over supplier processes and data
  • Immediate simplification of day to day work and process improvements for procurement officers

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