Supplier Evaluation

Methodology: supplier evaluation

Within 5 easy steps to a successful supplier evaluation: guideline to a step by step concept for a supplier evaluation according to your organizational and strategic structures. Software and methodology go hand in hand: SC-Evaluator

Just-in-time procurement, strategic value chain partnerships or single sourcing: the bondage of the suppliers to their customers is getting tighter.

Against this background the choice and nurturing of the “right” supplier will be of constantly growing importance for every business.

Within Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) regular performance evaluations of the supplier is being used increasingly as an important element.

An evaluation of the suppliers performance in the way of production site visits, questionnaires, product analyses and supplier audits should be a ‘must’ for each enterprise. The revision of the thus qualified enterprises should be performed regularly.

In spite of its great significance for procurement and general management and in spite of the application of modern technology in our business world, most enterprises perform their supplier evaluations manually via print copied questionnaires and Excel lists. The distribution, the surveillance and the collection of the results not only cause enormous efforts every year, but can also lead to many uncertainties and even discrepancies. The results of the questionnaires are drudgingly copied manually onto Excel sheets, accumulated and afterwards manually added together with indicators of the ERP system. Weeks or even months later the responsible persons get a report showing the status of their suppliers. Direct traceability is only possible by searching in different folders and storages or by asking the colleagues from the IT department.

Simmeth System supports you by following a clear project methodology developed and constantly improved using our 13 years of project experience and our software module SC-Evaluator. We guide you in 5 well defined steps to a fully implemented supplier evaluation – starting from the concept, continuing with the configuration of the software based evaluation to end with the result analysis. We support you with our templates, which can be branch specific, and our experience. We guarantee a successful implementation within a couple of days!

Software for evaluations

The SC-Evaluator is a SC-Manager module developed for the easy evaluation of supply chain partners like suppliers, sales and distribution partners or customers. It enables evaluations in only a few easy steps. Our FREE TEST ACCOUNT WITH TUTORIAL VIDEOS enables you to perform an evaluation within a few minutes! There is no software installation necessary.

your benefit - your return on invest

  • Web based supplier evaluation with regulated workflows reduces the operating expense to a minimum.
  • User friendly, web based questionnaires make life easy for evaluation participants and lead to high acceptance
  • Through the consolidation of different, manifold opinions an all-around performance verification of the supplier can be provided
  • Important basis for certifications and authority regulations
  • Supplier qualification: by regular assessments and accumulation of these evaluations all persons in demand have access to specifically qualified suppliers.
  • Basis for supplier classification: only on basis of the facts of the evaluations can suppliers be classified
  • Supplier development: With the evidence of both positive and negative experiences on hand, suppliers can be systematically developed, thus creating a basis for a targeted Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Numbers, data and facts increase the quality of communication, provide a basis for objectification of the relationship and are also provide transparency towards internal customers.
  • Support of purchase strategies / normal strategies e.g. basis for rationalization, consolidation, standardizing and more

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