Risk Management

Software based risk management aims to support the procurement department in the collection and monitoring of relevant risk indicators. As a result the purchaser will receive “warning signals” on his monitor, within his regular risk reports or in email messages. This information will be topical, traceable and analyzable via a click of the mouse.

In 13 years of project experience we learned that in our globalized and highly dynamic business world the risk indicators are as heterogeneous as business processes can be. At the same time electronic collection of information is as easy and manifold as never before. The internet plays a central part in this. Via so called web services particular information can be downloaded automatically from the internet and can then be connected and displayed in combination with your existing internal data. This could be, for example, exchange rates, commodities, financial indicators, news tickers or any other electronically readable information.

Entered automatically into the database, integrated data can be added and linked together with manually entered data as necessary. Our web based freely configurable entry masks can be used especially for this task.

By combining our professional know-how and longtime practical experience with a flexible, intelligent information base in the form of our SC-Manager database we are able to calculate risk indicators from the most diverse data sources. We can provide these data to our fully integrated supplier relationship management tools in such a way that the purchasers receive targeted warning signals in form of red traffic lights or alarm email messages instead of having to look just for risk indicators.

The benefits of software based risk management for your immediate return-on-investment:

  • Fully automated data integration from selected sources as well as from the internet enables a large information base
  • Web based entry masks based on a central database for manual collection of risk indicators replace “scattered” excel landscapes
  • Linking of internal data sources with external internet based data and with manually entered data creates a 360° transparency
  • Warning signals point to potential risks, email messages are an active alert to risks
  • Provides Intelligent workflows for risk avoidance including integrated task management guiding the users

You’ll find Demo videos on our YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/user/simmethsystem

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