Expenditure Control

Controlling expenditure depends on there being a focus on result oriented measurements of your purchasing successes by the use of cost and revenue oriented indicators. The objective is to steer the purchase department into making less costly decisions. To help control expenditure, several indicators are used for position fixing as well as being the starting point for the commercial optimization processes. These indicators are based on financial, process, staff and supplier data.

Modern cost control answers 4 questions:

  • How high is the financial contribution to revenue made by the purchase department
  • Where can we find potential savings?
  • How efficiently does the purchase department operate?
  • How can we improve productivity?

Project aims in implementing software based cost control are, besides automated data processing and calculation of existing data, the inclusion of additional data from outside the common standard ERP systems. Web based entry masks using direct links to the database replace sometimes vast and complex excel landscapes. When entering data, users are supported by intelligent workflows and the entered data is processed immediately in the database without “detours”.

Special attention is given to automating the often extensive reporting made to a large number of differing departments and hierarchies within the enterprise. Here we offer to relieve the controlling department from the laborious, constantly recurring effort of data preparation as well as report creation and distribution by specifically automating these processes. The open configurability of the reports guarantees that they correspond exactly to the corporate identity of your enterprise and the needs of the recipients.

Measurement and use of incorrect indicators and metrics can have far-reaching negative consequences especially in the field of cost and expenditure control! Securing the right control data begins long before the implementation of software tools. The course is set during the original concept and definition phases. We are convinced that only a comprehensive project management system built using detailed definitions would give the client an already configured and proven system which will guarantee the lasting success of their project!  

Simmeth System offers operational and technical expertise based on 13 years of experience.

The benefits of software based cost and expenditure control for your immediate return on investment:

  • Fully automated data processing and calculation of metrics instead of manual preparation saves enormous efforts in the IT, control and purchasing departments
  • Fully automated creation and distribution of the analysed data and the subsequent reports saves enormous preparation efforts and secures the correct distribution of the information
  • Automation also means avoiding mistakes
  • All information, cost indicators and reports topical and available at the push of a button
  • Web based entry masks based on a central database replace “scattered” excel landscapes

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