Document Administration

Central disposability of documents like contracts, certificates or protocols is an important step towards the creation of a central supplier and quality information base. Full text search functionalities with key word search in the documents, no more time consuming search in all kinds of different folders, no more wondering which version of a document is the valid one: all are arguments for the integration of document administration into the supplier relationship management.

Many companies already use a document administration system, but still want to integrate their documents into the supplier relationship management. To avoid double filing we set direct links of the supplier data base to existing filing systems. That way we create a central supplier data base with access to all relevant documents without double filing. If necessary even the existing access and reading rights can be integrated.

Our customers frequently ask, if while saving the documents, core information like expiration date, notes, commentaries or contact persons can be entered separately. This is made possible within a few easy steps by our freely configurable entry masks.

In addition to the administration of documents, the follow-up processes hold a vast potential for improvement by software. A whole variety of workflows can be supported and automated. Connecting automated warning functionalities like traffic lights or email messages to the expiry date is an example. In combination with the supplier portal the supplier can be directly integrated into this workflow.

Last but not least all cleared document information is available in your SC-Manager central information base and can be analyzed and reported at once.

The benefits of software based document administration for your immediate return-on-investment:

  • Fully automated consolidation of documents in a central information base saves enormous search and filing efforts
  • Centrally controlled search functionalities over all documents save a lot of time
  • Integration and usage of access rights and roles
  • Web based entry masks based on a central database replace “scattered” excel landscapes
  • Automatic creationof document versions helps avoid mistakes
  • Automating also means avoiding mistakes
  • Visual warning signals and automatic mail infos support workflows
  • Fully automated creation and distribution of the analysis and reports saves enormous preparation and secures the correct distribution of the information

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