Steering of the Supply Chain

Steering of the Supply Chain

Simmeth Supply Chain Information System not only offers a clear picture of your enterprise at any given moment but serve as an important tool for the steering and improvement of the whole supply chain. By controlling your internal business processes as well as the external ones, market specific processes such as supplier controls as well as customer relationships can be designed more profitably, with costs being reduced and risks minimized.

Comprehensive monitoring of supply chain performance assumes the collection of process oriented information covering internal as well as external supply chain elements. This starts at the very beginning of the supply chain with the registration and pre-qualification of potential suppliers, the evaluation of the current, active suppliers, the concurrent measurement of the existing quality, stock and process data along the value added chain up to sales partner evaluation and customer satisfaction analysis at the end of the supply chain process.

It is not sufficient to control the supply chain using classic BI-tool data from ERP systems, structure information indicators into data cubes and make them analyzable by managers with IT know how only. Steering of supply chains using performance indicators provides all process owners with the correct and up-to-date data in such a way that they get immediate clarity, seeing unplanned changes at once and can immediately start analyzing their processes without time being wasted. Our systems’ workflows and warning signals guide the managers in charge to the critical parts of the supply chain without them having to look themselves for any unplanned diversions. The analysis of changes and their causes is optimized by providing information and indicators structured in such a delicate way that the managers work with only the data that concerns them – without having to search and filter through long-winded data labyrinths. 

Data sources are far more variable than just booking data from ERP systems. Beyond internal systems like QS, MES, merchandise management systems or machinery software; entry masks, questionnaires to internal or external supply chain partners as well as internet based information services are often essential as information sources and can be integrated in your central information data base.

To fulfill the task of “Steering with Indicators” your supply chain information control must comply with following requirements:

1. Relevance: process owners should only work with information and performance indicators that are necessary for steering their personal area of responsibility

2. Transparency: information and performance indicators should be easy to understand and have a direct relationship to the process

3. Topicality: information and indicators must be at least be updated daily.

4. Validity: information and indicators must be 100% correct – available at the push of a button and always traceable

Information collected together in our central SC-Manager data base creates a uniform information resource and therefore a foundation for the steering of your supply chain.

Our project methodology has been proven over the last 13 years of experience. We guide you from the first concept to the future active steering of your supply chain. We support you with branch specific templates as well as our experience and guarantee the successful implementation of your project in a very short time. To do so our flexible software modules can be combined and configured in exactly the way necessary to suit your particular requirements.

Read the detailed explanations of our projects and solutions in the following areas of the Supply Chain Steering:

  • Strategic procurement
  • Production
  • Quality Management
  • Stock Management
  • Sales


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