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Software for your Supply-Chain Management

Digital Ma­nage­ment of Your

The SC-Manager
  • is digital information, control and communication center
  • monitors processes and warns of deviations
  • controls communication with automatisms
  • ensures transparency along the entire supply chain.
  • supports each phase of the Supplier Lifecycle
  • is based on an extensive, field-tested standard
  • is characterized by a particularly flexible and adaptable software architecture that makes it especially easy to adjust to individual data structures and workflows.
  • is certified as “Trusted Application” by TÜV-IT for cyber security and is operated in an ISO 27001 certified German data center.

Supplier Lifecycle

The so-called Supplier Lifecycle maps the phases of collaboration with your partners in the Supply- Chain. The SC-Manager supports each phase of the lifecycle with the appropriate tools. While the suppliers participate in the processes via the supplier portal, central control takes place via the Supplier- Manager.

Control Center of the Supply-Chain

The core module of the SC-Manager is the Supplier-Manager.

It is the control center for your Supply-Chain Management. From here, all data, documents and processes relevant to your supplier management are controlled, edited and monitored.

Search for information easily and find it quickly: In order to create a central and clear Supplier Management, the Supplier-Manager has a clear folder structure in the sense of a digital supplier file with neatly organized tabs. Numerous software functions such as search, filter, group and sort ensure transparency of your data.

The Supplier-Manager provides you with a 360° overview of your suppliers, starting with master data, supplier self-disclosure with information on, for example, the Supply-Chain Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act, information on quality management, contract management, the entire P2P process, supplier evaluation and risk management, right through to task management for targeted supplier development.

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Supplier Portal

The SC-Manager Supplier Portal turns SC-Manager into a global information, process and communication platform. 

It enables you to digitize and optimize supplier relationships throughout the entire Supplier Lifecycle.

Processes not only become faster, more direct and less complicated. Processes that previously required a lot of phone calls, emails and manual filing can now be simplified and optimized through intelligently controlled processes with automatic deviation reports, workflow-controlled information and document exchange, through automated data processing and concurrent reporting.

Onboarding and Qualification

One possible starting point of the onboarding process is "self-registration". This means that a company can apply as a potential supplier via a form on your website and, after approval by your procurement, qualify according to your requirements via the Supplier Portal. 
To do this, the applicant answers your questions on self-disclosure, for example, also on compliance with the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act, and uploads required documents and certificates. 
Procurement is automatically informed about the progress of the application and checks the information using checklists. If the qualification is passed, the applicant is released with a mouse click and added to the ERP vendor master. This workflow can be easily modified and supplemented and extended by further test steps within the process.

Classification and Material Groups

The SC-Manager maps a wide range of segmentation criteria, such as purchase volume, performance, development and manufacturing expertise, position on the market, strategic importance or depth of value added. Thanks to its flexibility, the SC-Manager enables you to map your strategies exactly according to your requirements.

In the Supplier-Manager, the material groups assigned to the respective suppliers are displayed with corresponding information per supplier as well as the delivery statistics per material group and article.

For the administration and overall view of your material groups and their detailed data, SC-Manager offers an additional app "Material Group Manager"

Supply-Chain Collaboration

SC-Manager supports the global flow of information and communication in the collaboration phase with your suppliers.

  • Price inquiries can be created and distributed to the suppliers, edited by them in the portal. Responses are processed evaluated in the SC-Manager.
  • Ordering process: purchase orders are automatically distributed to the suppliers via the portal, dates and quanities confirmed by the suppliers
  • transport documents are transferred by the suppliers, also by EDI.
  • omplaints including 8D reports can be recorded, processed and evaluated
  • invoices are transferred by the suppliers via the portal and are automatically forwarded to your accounting by the SC-Manager.

Supplier Evaluation


With a supplier evaluation, you create a sound basis for efficient and effective Supplier Management.

It evaluates the performance of suppliers via a flexible scorecard.

The system calculates the "hard facts" relevant to you from the posting records of your ERP system. "Soft facts", i.e. the qualitative evaluation factors, are collected in surveys through web-based questionnaires.

The results of the evaluations are made available to users in the supplier manager and in dashboards for analysis and communication, and measures can be created and edited there.

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Risk Management

The SC-Manager integrates internal and external information for your risk management both via manual collection options and automated data collection. For manual information collection, the "Risk Checklist" is a risk collection option that classifies and weights the recorded risks and calculates an overall score.

Web services offer interfaces to information service providers, for example for financial data or sustainability, as well as interfaces to Internet-based information such as Google Alerts or currency and commodity prices.

The retrieval of this information can be automated depending on your risk scorecard and thus enables a concurrent monitoring of these criteria. The SC-Manager warns the responsible persons via visual signals and the mail alert function when threshold values are exceeded or not reached

Supplier Development

In SC-Manager Supplier-Manager, tasks can be created, prioritized and scheduled, distributed and processed. Tasks are assigned both internally and, via the supplier portal, to external stakeholders, who are notified via automatic e-mail messages in the event of pending or exceeded deadlines as well as changes to the task status. The task status is displayed via a traffic light icon. Documents can also be uploaded for each task.

The tasks are processed by the internal stakeholders in the Supplier-Manager, and by the suppliers in the supplier portal.

SC-Manager Controlling

You always have an overview of your Supplier Management via the integrated procurement and supplier controlling. The integrated dashboards provide attractive and informative reporting and support your detailed analyses with filter and drill-down functions.

Further SC-Manager Apps

To optimally support your Supply-Chain Management, SC-Manager offers a range of additional apps that are precisely tailored to the respective tasks and processes. Of course, these apps are also based on the standard functions and have the same flexibility and adaptability as the tools already presented.

The following additional apps are currently available:

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • KPI-Monitor

  • Material Group Manager

  • Contract manager

  • Tendering tool

  • Ordering tool

  • Article management

  • Audits

  • Master data manager

  • Complaints

For further information and queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Simmeth System team at any time.