Supplier Evaluation in just a few simple steps. Evaluation criteria are automatically calculated on the basis of booking data, the " Hard Facts ", or collected in surveys via digital questionnaires, the " Soft Facts ".

The Supplier Evaluation is carried out via freely configurable scorecards, the results are analysed and distributed by means of flexible dashboards and reports.

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"The results already serve as a transparent basis for discussion in our annual vendor meetings, which are attended by representatives of the quality department and responsible project managers in addition to procurement. In the recently conducted audit for EN9100, our procurement department was again able to convince, also thanks to the Supplier Evaluation by Simmeth System".

Thomas Schardt, Head of Central Procurement, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

"The comprehensive evaluation system provides us with up-to-date evaluations at the push of a button. This enables us to draw valuable conclusions about the performance of our suppliers at any time".

Heiko Menn, Heiko Menn, Senior Manager Central Procurement at NürnbergMesse


Present the performance of your suppliers in a simple, transparent and comprehensible way, methodically optimize the supplier relationships: With the SC-Evaluator Supplier Evaluation you can create the foundation for continuous, successful Supplier Management in just a few simple steps. 
The flexible solution has a workflow-oriented software architecture and a clear methodology that guides you step by step through the supplier evaluation process.
With just a few mouse clicks you can create evaluation criteria and scorecard. In doing so, you have access to a comprehensive Best Practice Catalogue.
"Hard facts", evaluation criteria based on booking data, are calculated automatically. For this purpose, the SC-Evaluator is linked to any data sources and calculates on the basis of your specifications adherence to delivery dates, quantity, complaint rate or other key figures important for your evaluation.
"Soft facts", the qualitative evaluation criteria, are collected in the form of surveys using user-friendly, web-based questionnaires. You can design questionnaires and surveys freely yourself. You always have an overview of the status of the surveys via a cockpit.
The results are calculated automatically. They can be evaluated in detail with integrated analysis tools and communicated with reports. 

The SC-Evaluator can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a module of SC-Manager to become an integrated part of your fully comprehensive digital Supplier Management.

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  • Available immediately from the "Cloud" or implemented "On Premise" in your IT infrastructure
  • Target-oriented architecture with integrated templates and interfaces
  • 100% freely configurable evaluation structure
  • Web-based surveys for the collection of Soft Facts with freely configurable questions, answers and variable questionnaires saves enormous effort and avoids errors