KPI-Monitor – Management by indicators

To enable a management by ‘indicators’ the KPI-Monitor® offers just the right tools. From topical or even real time analysis of your data via dashboard to regular, automated creation and distribution of your business reports.

Our BI-toolbox for practitioners has grown over 13 years of project experience:

Configuration: performance indicators usable for steering processes must precisely reflect the existing processes, the booking systems and the applied accounting logics. Each company and each accounting process differs in detail and therefore, the KPI-Monitor® gives no restrictions in the configuration of the indicators and the algorithms used – anything logical is possible! You can benefit from our extensive template catalogue developed over 13 years of project work!

Analysis: during validation of newly configured indicators it is important that the process owners can easily and directly verify the results. In productive use this is indispensable for the acceptance as well as the usability of performance indicators. The results and conclusions will be accepted only if the origin of the indicators can be retraced. A large variety of easy to handle graphical and tabular tools are available.

Reporting: targeted distribution of information is ensured by individually adjustable and personalized cockpits and dashboards. Report design as desired in the “Report Generator” means, you can decide on contents and layout of your reporting as freely and easily as in a form letter document using MS Word, Power Point or MS Excel. These reports will be sent automatically to your recipients according to your schedule as Word, pdf, html, power point or excel file.

Scorecard: It is important to be able to group indicators in the form of a scorecard and to subdivide and distribute them in units. The KPI-Monitor® enables freely configurable scorecard, from classical ‘balanced scorecard’ to individual ‘KPI trees’.

Roles and Rights: a secure role and rights concept ensures that the users only work with the indicators they are authorized to!

Your benefit and quick return on investment:

  • Fully automated consolidation of your data and calculation of indicators instead of manual calculations saves enormous effort and avoids mistakes.
  • Automated creation of analysis and reports is time saving
  • All information, indicators and reports are topical!
  • Web based dashboarding on a central database substitutes isolated Excel landscapes
  • Ready to go interfaces and indicator templates enable very fast implementation
  • Steering tool for all hierarchies on strategic and operative level 

The KPI-Monitor® is fully integrated into the SC-Manager and can be deliberately combined with any other module. All our modules are web based and can be acquired as in-house or Cloud solution. We provide standard interfaces to SAP or any other ERP systems as well as flexible interfaces to connect to pre-systems, for example Excel worksheets. Web services will create data connection to external and internet based data sources.

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