Sales Partner Evaluation

In spite of the continually rising importance of global sales partnerships caused by globalization, the methodical evaluation of sales partner performance is quite scarce. And yet the results are an important tool for the steering of the sales department and a useful part of the sales figures (also see our article to this topic).

The sales partner evaluation is a systematical way of assessing the performance of sales partners like agencies or representative offices by specifically defined and standardized evaluation criteria. Goal is the continuous development of the partnerships on the basis of the results given.

To reach that goal a regular performance of the evaluations is important, as non-recurring or irregular results are not very meaningful. Of special importance are the trends given in the evaluated data. Just for that reason manually performed evaluations are not sufficient. The manual distribution of questionnaires, supervision of the answering process and collection of the results not only cause immense efforts, but insecurity towards the results or even discrepancies. The results of the questionnaires have to be laboriously copied and accumulated into excel sheets. Weeks or even months later the sales representatives get a report of the status of their partners. A data based history with trends is not available most of the time.

That is why the usage of a professional tool for the questionnaire based evaluation of sales partner performance is a necessary basis for the creation of a data base, which is the foundation of the strategic steering of your sales partners. Easy handling and understandability lead to a quick acceptance of the medium and in connection with the transparency this project creates for the responsible sales manager, a regular sales partner evaluation will be an integrated part of the sales department steering.

Simmeth System supports you not only with our software SC-Evaluator, but by following a clear project methodology developed and constantly improved using our 13 years of project experience. We guide you in 5 well defined steps to a fully implemented sales partner evaluation – starting from the concept, continuing with the configuration of the software based evaluation to end with the result analysis. We guarantee a successful implementation within a couple of days!

Benefit of software based sales partner evaluation for an immediate return on investment:

  •  Web based sales partner evaluation with regulated workflows reduces the operating expense to a minimum.
  • User friendly, web based questionnaires make life easy for evaluation participants and lead to high acceptance
  • Through the consolidation of different, manifold opinions an all-around performance verification of the sales partners can be provided
  • Sales partner development: With the evidence of both positive and negative experiences on hand, sales partners can be systematically developed
  • Numbers, data and facts increase the quality of communication, provide a basis for objectification of the relationship and are also provide transparency towards internal customers.

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