Customer Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction of the customers is a crucial factor for the lasting success of a company. In spite of that a lot of companies rely on a few, mostly not methodically raised indicators like the registration of customer complaints and the feedback of the sales force in terms of oral or written reports.

Over and above the registration and measurement of customer complaints (also see our article to that topic in “quality management”) we will support you in methodical survey and analysis of customer satisfaction.

To enable this, web based questionnaires are sent via our software tool SC-Evaluator to the customers, whose answers directly flow into the SC-Manager’s central data base. Via a wide selection of analysis and reporting tools the results are immediately at the responsible managers’ disposition and can be linked and displayed in a scorecard with further information like customer complaints.

The criteria to be surveyed should reflect your strategy to 100% and can be configured in the tool as necessary. It is primarily concerning the service provision, customer care, product quality and the fulfillment of expectations in general.

To promote a voluntary participation of the customers, the fast acceptance of the questionnaires by the customers is of special importance. The attractively designed, easy understandable and easy to handle web based questionnaires of the SC-Evaluator ensure this. You can design your questions and answers so that your customers feel listened to and the answering process is quick and easy.

A customer satisfaction survey will only be an effective instrument of the strategic steering of your supply chain, if it is performed regularly. The SC-Evaluator supports this by easy handling for the administrator, who is provided with continuous transparency over the status of the surveys. The creation of a data foundation in the SC-Manager’s central data base enables trend analyses and the methodical evaluation of the data for the steering of your supply chain.

Simmeth System supports you not only with our software SC-Evaluator, but by following a clear project methodology developed and constantly improved using our 13 years of project experience. We will guide you in 5 well defined steps to a fully implemented customer satisfaction survey – starting from the concept, continuing with the configuration of the software based survey to the result analysis. We guarantee a successful implementation within a couple of days!

Benefit of software based customer satisfaction survey for an immediate return on investment:

  • Web based customer satisfaction survey with regulated workflows reduces the operating expenses to a minimum.
  • User friendly, web based questionnaires make life easy for evaluation participants and lead to high acceptance
  • regular surveys of your strategic criteria supply a detailed picture of your customers’ opinion
  • Numbers, data and facts increase the quality of communication, provide a basis for objectivity of the relationship
  • With the evidence of your customers’ positive and negative opinions to hand can you optimize your company’s strategies

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