Complaints Management

In the field of complaints management you will generally find rudimentary “homemade” tools, often in the form of diverse excel sheets. At the same time many companies avoid the complex and laborious integration of complaints management into their ERP system.

Our software can support complaints management quickly and easily along the complete process: in the entry of the complaints and failures, the workflow of processing these, the automatic and correct calculation of the right indicators like failure quote, the data evaluation and cause analysis as well as the steering of the improvement processes.

Supported by our web based entry masks, which can be adapted to your contents and workflows by a few mouse clicks, you can replace distributed excel “landscapes” by a central database fed by web based data entry within a few days. Intelligent entry fields lead to immediate ease of data recording and to controlled steering and improvement of workflows. The complaints and failure data is recorded directly into the SC-Manager database and therefore is immediately available for analysis. It is often helpful that the complaints data can be logically linked to booking data from your ERP or inventory management systems. The complaints costs can instantly and automatically be calculated by linking complaint quantities and price information from stock data or purchase orders. Our vast experience of implementing performance indicators is of specific significance and value.

To complement the data, documents can be uploaded, stored and administered. The central availability of documents like protocols is an important step in the creation of an all-around information base for the complaints management (see document administration).

By applying our dashboards and our supplier relationship management tools the gathered complaints information not only can be analyzed and reported, but you can also start targeted, software supported improvement processes. At that point manifold workflow supports like traffic lights and email alarms can be installed. Using the supplier portal the suppliers can be directly integrated into these workflows.

The benefits of a software based complaints management for your immediate return on investment:

  • Immediate replacement of isolated Excel solutions by web based data entry into a central database
  • Integration of documents into the complaints management as central quality information
  • Easy entry of data and control of the entry process by intelligent forms
  • Entered data is instantly available in central database for analysis
  • Automatic topical calculation of metrics and performance indicators
  • Visual warning signals and automatic mail infos support workflows
  • Integration of internal process participants into the improvement processes via dashboards and
  • Integration of suppliers via supplier portal
  • Fully automated creation and distribution of the analysis and reports saves enormous preparation and secures the correct distribution of the information

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