Project Controlling

Project controlling is assigned to provide cost transparency to supply chain processes. The metrics of project controlling serve as a position-fixing and basis for commercial optimizing processes. They are mainly based on financial data, planning data, cost and account bookings. These are often linked and processed with additional information by the controlling department.

Implementing a software based project controlling targets the automatic processing of data as well as the automatic and secure calculation of the controlling department’s highly complex metrics. The potential to enter and link additional data not existent in the booking system, is of particular importance for the controlling department. Web based entry masks with direct link to the database replace sometimes vast and complex excel landscapes. While entering the data the controlling department is supported by intelligent workflows and the entered data is processed immediately in the database without “detours”.

In practice this means that planning data, cost and account bookings from your ERP system (e.g. SAP) are processed on a daily basis in the central SC-Manager database. Additional data for example risk information, prognoses or unplanned costs in the projects are added by the controlling department. The database instantly calculates margins, turnover prognoses, risk indicators as well as all metrics needed. It also creates a detailed data history.

Furthermore we focus on the automating of the often vast reporting to diverse departments and hierarchies within the company. We relieve the controlling department from the laborious, constantly recurring effort of data preparation, report creation and distribution by specifically automating these processes. The free configurability of the reports guarantees that they correspond exactly to the Corporate Identity of your company and the wishes of the recipients.

Measurement and distribution of wrong indicators and metrics can have far reaching negative consequences especially in the field of controlling! Securing the right measurement starts long before the implementation of software tools. The course is set during the first concept and definition phase. We are convinced that only a comprehensive project management from the concept, the detailed definition of the specifications to the ready configured indicator system guarantees the lasting success of your project! Simmeth System offers operational and technical expertise based on 13 years of experience.


The benefits of software based project controlling for your immediate return-on-investment:

  • Fully automated data processing and calculation of indicators instead of manual preparation saves enormous efforts in the IT and controlling departments
  • Fully automated creation and distribution of the analysis and reports saves enormous preparation efforts and secures the correct distribution of the information
  • Automating also means avoiding mistakes
  • All information, cost indicators and reports topical and at the click of a button
  • Web based entry masks based on a central database replace “scattered” excel landscapes
  • Creation of a “performance-controlling-tool” for the management

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