Performance Measurement

Customization of products, as well as extremely short reaction times to customer demands, characterizes the day-to-day business of enterprises. These can cause immense complexity within the processes and within individual procedures. Often the persons involved can only react to exceptional situations: but planned and target oriented reactions are only possible with many limitations. What are missing are automated alarm signals and concrete suggestions of conduct by both monitors and indicators, which assist in the decision making processes of the persons involved.

Can you now access and analyze the current delivery quote of your production, the current use of capacity on each production unit or the productivity of your machines by just a click of a mouse on a dashboard without contacting your IT department? Probably not, as in most production enterprises the right instruments for steering with performance indicators are still missing.  Steering with Performance Indicators is based on providing the correct and most topical data, indicators and metrics to the process owners. We ensure that this is done in such a way that enables management personnel to immediately start analyzing the processes.

Shortcomings in existing processes can often be recognised long before the selection and introduction of the right software has begun! Existing indicators, statistics and reports often have the following in common:

Existing indicators, statistics and reports often have the following in common:

  • No standardized concept, no consistent definitions
  • No systematic procedures
  • No well-defined, comprehensive and centralized database
  • No common, organization wide tool

    That way the well-known conference situations emerge: time consuming discussions concerning the exactitude of the content under discussion, the comparability and the correct definition of indicators along with uncertainty concerning the informative values of the numbers and the actual state of the enterprise, instead of productive discussions of potential process improvements.

    The successful fulfilment of these demands starts long before the implementation of software tools. The course is set during the first concept and definition phase. We are convinced that only a comprehensive project management system developed upward from its concept, using the detailed definition of its specifications and being completed with our already configured indicator system guarantees the lasting success of your project! We offer a combination of methodology and software with the objective of picturing business processes systematically, fully automated and concurrent. With the help of our proven project methodology we guide you in seven well defined steps from the concept to actively steering with performance indicators. We support you with our branch individualised templates and guarantee a successful implementation of your KPI project with in very short time.

    The benefits of software based production performance analysis for your immediate return on investment:

    • Focuses process owners on the relevant processes
    • Is comprehensible for all persons involved
    • Immediately uncovers neuralgic areas
    • Creates a foundation for decisions based on facts
    • Works automatically and therefore without involving wasted effort in the creation of reports and analyses
    • Centralized, topical and comprehensible data at the push of a button
    • Creates transparency across the complete Supply-Chain and thus…
    • Increases the efficiency in steering the enterprise

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