Stock Indicators

Stock of inventory secures the supply of a company with material and therefore the ability to produce and deliver goods. Furthermore it is an important factor of liquidity, as too much stock immediately is reflected in direct costs and tied-up capital.

The use of stock indicators is of operational as well as strategic importance:

Correctly defined and calculated stock indicators are of wide operational advantage if they are collected in a regular and automated way. Even the chance to see, on the push of a button which articles, product and commodity groups in what number and value are in which storage location of your company creates considerable transparency for the responsible operational persons. The persons involved can also be supported in their jobs with indicators like stock turnover or stock range. The transparent display and chance to analyze article data like planning parameters, minimum and maximum stock levels or lot sizes holds a vast potential for immediate improvement of the stock master data quality and therefore the complete data base. The chance to verify and improve the stock master data is not only a basic requirement for inventory optimization, but for the complete purchase and production planning. Here you achieve surprisingly fast results with easy means and tools like e.g. “outlier analyses”.

Of special note in the operational field is the automated collection of data on a regular, possibly daily basis, as it is not just the absolute values, but the realization of developments and deviations that count. It is important that the database writes a reliable and meaningful data history. Handling the article data, experience and know-how in data architecture plays a decisive part, as in many companies the data involved is quite large. Here the vast experience of our IT-consultants plays an important role.

Stock indicators are of strategic relevance in the topical reporting of the correct indicators to the management, which gives important, sometimes decisive information concerning the company’s status. The emphasis is on “correct” for several reasons: correctness in the choice of the indicators, correctness in the precise definition and correctness in the calculation of the indicators. Of course the reporting has to be designed meaningfully, be distributed reliably and promptly. Our software tools are perfectly prepared for all of these demands.

The successful fulfilment of these demands starts long before the implementation of software tools. The course is set already during the first concept and definition phase. We are convinced that only a comprehensive project management system that starts from its original concept together with the detailed definitions of the specifications necessary and then developing toward a configured indicator system would guarantee the lasting success of your project! We offer a combination of methodology and software with the objective of illustrating business processes systematically, fully automated and current. With the help of our many years of proven project methodology we guide you in seven well-defined steps from the concept to actively steering with performance indicators. We support you with our branch-individual templates and guarantee the successful implementation of your KPI project within very short time.

Simmeth System offers operational and technical expertise based on 13 years of experience.

The benefits of software based stock indicators for your immediate return-on-investment:

  • Immediate transparency over your master data
  • Centrally stored, topical and retraceable data at the push of a button
  • Data and indicators comprehensible for all persons involved
  • Tools for immediate improvement of data quality
  • Basis for stock optimization
  • Focus of stock responsible persons on the relevant and right operational indicators
  • Automated, reliable data collection and calculation creates confidence
  • Fully automated creation and distribution of the analysis and reports saves enormous preparation efforts and secures the correct distribution of the information
  • Regular, reliable information of the decision makers creates basis for strategic decisions


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