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Simmeth System’s Supply Chain Information System provides real-time information on your business’ operational processes. Supply Chain Manager is a modular suite of software giving you the ability to make faster, more informed decisions about your supply chain. The Supply Chain Manager supports your day-to-day decision making and helps to monitor operations, displayed through interactive business intelligence charts that let you quickly see and understand what is happening.

Our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) modules help you manage the entire strategic supplier lifecycle, showing you which vendors are best of breed, and why. In operational context, the SRM modules allow you to select the correct vendor pool for a given project or product line, identify and manage risk, show purchasing deviations and price variances.

If you are in manufacturing industry the Supply Chain Manager displays stock levels, capacity and delivery times, as well as productivity on global and machine level. Alarm signals warn you if risk is detected allowing you immediate diagnostics and corrections.

Supply Chain Manager is quickly configured for any supply chain scenario. Our customers range from nuclear power plants, automobile and aerospace industry to global managed services companies. Find out how we can help you!

Supply-Monitor: Supplier Relationship Management

Being a modular software solution the Supply-Monitor offers the right tools for each phase of your Supplier Relationship Management and enables you to build a central information system for your procurement.

Further infos, product videos, webinars and free test accounts:

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SC-Evaluator: Supplier Evaluation

The SC-Evaluator offers just the necessary and right features for evaluations that go according to your organizational structure and to your strategic goals. Further infos, product videos, webinars and free test accounts:

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KPI-Monitor: Indicators & Reporting

To enable a management by ‘indicators’ the KPI-Monitor® offers just the right tools. From topical or even real time analysis of your data via KPI-Cockpits and KPI-Dashboards to automated creation and distribution of your business reports. Further infos, product videos, webinars and free test accounts:

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methodology: supplier evaluation

With Simmeth System in 5 easy steps to a successful supplier evaluation: guideline to a step by step concept creation for a supplier evaluation according to your organization and business strategy