Bridge to Captain: Successfully Steering an Enterprise

Steering of the Supply Chain

The successful management of an enterprise is like steering a ship on the high seas.   Discovering which is the best course, how shallow waters should be navigated, what to do when there are head winds to contend with or, possibly, bad storms. The better the captain knows his ship and his course, the greater the chance him of reaching his destination safely and on time. Equally, the business manager can obtain vital information by having meaningful data and the key performance indicators of his company at his fingertips by using specific management tools for steering.

Since 2002, Simmeth System GmbH has developed an integrated software tool system which, when used as a navigation system, have quickly established themselves as the basis for successfully steering our customers’ supply chains. Our flexible software modules are assembled and installed after consultation and the ascertaining of our customers’ requirements.

Simmeth System, based in the Bavarian town of Burghausen, Southern Germany, is unique. Our crew is internationally active – helping everyone from medium sized businesses to notable global players.


Our software solution SC-Manager supports the steering of your Supply-Chain in the following areas:

All modules connect to the same database and can be combined as desired. If the CEO wants to view his latest turnover and current manufacturing inventory, the KPI-Monitor® can display it in a cockpit on his desktop or smartphone. At the same time the Procurement Manager will get a reminder email informing him about suppliers whose certificates are due to expire for the products they deliver.

With topical indicators always on hand, a company can reduce costs, minimize risks and create more profitable relations with its customers and suppliers.

Meaningful information regarding procurement, materials management, quality, production, distribution, logistics, sales and human resources create a foundation for decisions. Financial indicators combined with performance indicators are processed and distributed via automatic reporting. In this way, Simmeth System creates a controllable and understandable basis for the support of individual managers’ invaluable ‘gut feeling’.

Our platform for Supplier Relationship Management offers the right tools for each phase of your supplier relationship. Starting with the registration and prequalification of interested suppliers, it continues with the evaluation and classification of current suppliers onwards to a controlled improvement of the relationship. We create secure channels of communication between procurement departments and suppliers supporting the smooth exchange of information thus automating and controlling the communication workflow.

All businesses, whether as individual branch offices or as a global enterprise can take advantage of our software solutions, from a full scale ‘Procurement Information System’ for an international corporation, a ‘Procurement Radar” of a mid-sized industrial producer to a ‘Supplier Evaluation Tool’ of a communal energy supplier. We work cross-sectoral with some of our current customers working in the automotive and aircraft industries, in energy, mechanical and plant engineering, the trade and service industries, public services and other industries.

Awards: Simmeth System GmbH was awarded the Nürnberg trade fair “e_procure & supply“ prize with the renowned “Best Practice-Award 2010” for the IT, Procurement and Logistics branch.